Baby steps…

Just posting a few lines during my lunch break.

Well, I did it! I started writing yesterday (admittedly it was in the late evening, rather than the afternoon, but I can live with that) and – BOOM! – I wrote just  over a thousand words. If you’re interested in specifics, it was actually 1183 words, all on a brand new short story called ‘The Last Kiss’.

Two things here: first of all, don’t worry. This is not going to become a regular thing where I start posting my word count every day like some annoying prick down the gym posting his reps, bro.

Second of all, word counts are fucking pointless. One day might see you write forty pages of utter horseshit, all of which will end up burning upon the fires of Editing and Revision; another might see you pen two hundred words of wonderful prose that you wouldn’t alter a single word of. As a metric for success in writing, it’s like saying the person with the biggest pile of bricks is going to be the best architect. I mean, I regularly write 4000-5000 words a day as part of my regular job, but none of those is ending up on a New York Times Bestsellers List.

The only reason I’m talking about it today – talking, not bragging – is because it’s a start. This new story is moving in the right direction and I’ve already written more in an evening’s work than I have previously published to date.

For now, that’ll do.

I’ll catch you later.

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