Good news, bad news…

I had a mixed bag, news-wise this past week.

First of all, following on from the excellent news that I’m getting a chapbook of my drabbles and other nanofiction released, I managed to secure an introduction from the wonderfully supportive co-editor of The Horror Tree‘s Trembling with Fear magazine, Stephanie Ellis. She was the first editor to take a chance on one of my stories, and I can’t thank her enough for doing so. That she is also prepared  to say a few words as a lead-in to my first solo release: well, that’s just swell!

Somewhat less swell is the news that, due to lack of funding (and the failure of both a Kickstarter and an IndieGoGo campaign), Drabbledark II: Another Anthology of Dark Drabbles, will no longer be seeing the light of day. It’s a shame, but these things happen. Kudos to editor Eric S. Fomley for the effort he puts into all his anthologies, and for his commitment to paying his authors. He was the first guy to pay me for my fiction (pro-rate, no less!) and he put a Hell of a lot of effort into putting this thing together.

So, yeah – some good, some bad. That’s just the way things turn out sometimes.

Baby steps…

Just posting a few lines during my lunch break.

Well, I did it! I started writing yesterday (admittedly it was in the late evening, rather than the afternoon, but I can live with that) and – BOOM! – I wrote just  over a thousand words. If you’re interested in specifics, it was actually 1183 words, all on a brand new short story called ‘The Last Kiss’.

Two things here: first of all, don’t worry. This is not going to become a regular thing where I start posting my word count every day like some annoying prick down the gym posting his reps, bro.

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Ow, my fucking head!

It must be an age thing.

In my teens and early twenties I could happily knock back the best part of a bottle of rum (perhaps with a yo-ho-ho if I was feeling especially salty) and wake up with nothing worse than a furred tongue and teeth that felt as though they’d been laminated in pure cane sugar.

This morning, following last night’s birthday celebrations, I am suffering what can only be described as an utter bastard of a hangover.

I’m writing this blog entry quickly, having just arranged the day off work with my very understaning boss (thanks, Kevin!) who was, himself,  the worse for wear.

Because, aside from my general wooziness this morning, yesterday was a blast. Good food, good friends, good rum (my God, the rum!) but, even better: good news.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Good morning, fright fans!

Today – if you didn’t already know – is 04 December 2018 and this is my first entry on this spanking new blog, despite having owned the damned thing since 13 April 2018.

Coindcidentally (or not) it also marks the occasion of my 29th birthday.

I’ll leave space for a moment’s embarrassed silence…

All done?


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