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Good news, bad news…

I had a mixed bag, news-wise this past week.

First of all, following on from the excellent news that I’m getting a chapbook of my drabbles and other nanofiction released, I managed to secure an introduction from the wonderfully supportive co-editor of The Horror Tree‘s Trembling with Fear magazine, Stephanie Ellis. She was the first editor to take a chance on one of my stories, and I can’t thank her enough for doing so. That she is also prepared¬† to say a few words as a lead-in to my first solo release: well, that’s just swell!

Somewhat less swell is the news that, due to lack of funding (and the failure of both a Kickstarter and an IndieGoGo campaign), Drabbledark II: Another Anthology of Dark Drabbles, will no longer be seeing the light of day. It’s a shame, but these things happen. Kudos to editor Eric S. Fomley for the effort he puts into all his anthologies, and for his commitment to paying his authors. He was the first guy to pay me for my fiction (pro-rate, no less!) and he put a Hell of a lot of effort into putting this thing together.

So, yeah – some good, some bad. That’s just the way things turn out sometimes.